Which UTM Building Are You Most Like?

Which UTM Building are You Most Like?

If this isn’t something you totally haven’t wondered before, well, I wouldn’t blame you. I’ll admit – I spend a lot of time thinking about weird things on my commute and this is one of those. If each building does have it’s own style, then what would they be like as people? And – more importantly – which would you be?


Davis Building

This student totally had a sibling that went to UTM before them, because they know everything about the school – and they’re pretty chill about it too. If you want to know what’s going on, they’re the person to talk to. But that doesn’t mean they’re not pretty laid back, and all about spending time with friends and trying new activities. Low key, they’re a bit of a foodie, but hey, with all their know-how, it’s hard to give them any hate.


They’re the most technically articulate student you know, and it’s probably a good thing – if your computer crashes the night before an assignment is due, they’re the one you go to. They’re a bit of a nerd – they love movies – and they like to hang out with the same group of five or six people. But, no matter who you are, they’ll always be willing to chat for a few minutes before class starts.


You want to know a student who has got their stuff together? This is the one-they’ve got all the notes, all the readings done, and have finished every upcoming assignment for class with weeks to spare. They came into University expecting to keep up their pretty remarkable high school grade average, and you don’t have to doubt if they’ll manage it – even if they never do seem to sleep during exam period. And if you ever have an academic question? Chances are they have the answer.

Kaneff Center

If there was ever a new to UTM student who know what they were going to do with their life, it’s them – they have their ten year plan to become a billionaire all figured out, and you can bet they’re going to succeed with it. They always seem to dress in business casual, and they like to be the leader in any group project – though they’ll make sure everyone in the group has a chance to shine in their own way.

Deerfield Hall

This student is bound for Broadway (or Hollywood) – they’ve been acting since they were a kid, and they cannot imagine doing anything else with their life. They have devoted themselves to the arts. Which means, at times, they can spend a little too much time thinking (and talking) about acting things. But, give them a call, and they’ll always be there for you, with something creative and funny!

Instructional Building

This student isn’t sure what they’re going to do with their life yet, which, as it happens, is totally okay. They’re trying different things out before making a definite decision, and they kind of hate it when you ask them what they want their career to be. They’re also super time efficient, and have somehow figured out the perfect balance between homework and Netflix – and you’re kind of hoping they’ll tell you their secret.

Anything I missed? Feel free to comment a description of a building I skipped, or to disagree with one that I did describe. And next time you’ve got time on your hands – well, don’t be afraid to have some fun thinking about things around campus. Not all school thoughts have to be school-.



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