The Winter Break and Ways to Spend The Final Days of 2016!

The papers are mostly handed in, the exam studying has begun, and classes have stopped – for the first time since September, we’re all able to kind of chill. And yes, exams are coming up, and they’re stressful too. But, in the coming days of winter break, there will be a whole week of nothing. No classes to get ready for, no readings to do. The university is even closed. So… What exactly are we supposed to do until things start back up again?

Think about it. For the past three months, there’s always been homework to complete or a paper due within the next week. There has always been something to work on – even when I was “relaxing,” I was usually putting off an assignment of some sort. I’m not sure I totally remember how to function when I don’t have school to take up my time. But, having heard all sorts of different plans from different people, I’m sure me – and all of you – will figure something  out.


Now, hearing from some of the people I’ve met in this first term, my winter break is pretty lackluster – I’m getting my wisdom teeth out, so there won’t be much to do anyways for me. Some of them? They’re going around the world to visit their families for a bit before school starts again. Some are even just going see friends, out of a lack of desire to fly so long for such a short stay. And that sounds so cool!

Others are taking the time to go and see friends from high school, or to see friends who live in different towns in the area. Me, I even had a friend coming home from University of Victoria. It’ll be like one of those reunions in some post-high school movie. Only, you know, more festive and less bitter and dramatic.

Others – and I would include myself in this group – are taking a more quiet approach. Catching up on the Netflix queue, watching movies for fun, reading books that have been piling up. I’ve personally got all the seasons of House of Cards to catch on, and have three new books to read. And of course, there’s the new Harry Potter movie to watch – can’t forget about that, right?


And these are only three of the ways in which you could spend your winter break. There are any number of ways to chill when that little break from all the university stress comes around. Of course, if you’re anything like me, there’ll be a lot of thinking going on over the break too. Because, the truth is, just half a year ago, many of us were finishing high school.

Needless to say, a whole lot has changed since high school. Most of it for the better, too, actually. I mean, I used to not study… at all… for tests in high school. I cannot even fathom doing that here. Or, well, I can, but I would not be prepared to handle the anxiety of getting a bad grade, no way.  Can anyone else relate, or was that just my own really bad habit?

Another thing is the independence that comes with University. Whether you live on residence, at home, or somewhere else, there’s this feeling of adult-ness. Like I can actually kind of handle the grown up world of taxes and whatever else grown ups handle. Or at least, I can sort of fake it until I make it. Either way, I’d live with my parents hanging over my shoulder any more and that’s fun in its own way.

Regardless, there’s a lot to take in with the end of this semester. Whether you see it as a time to reflect on changes, or a time to relax and visit family and friends, it’s going to be good. So, I wish you all a great winter break, and I look forward to all the shenanigans waiting in 2017!




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