Quiz Yourself! What’s Your Ideal UTM Study Space?


That’s right – the first term of classes has come to an end, and that means, exam studying is beginning. Which means it’s time to get those notes together, hunker down, and get studying! There’s a lot that goes into a good study session – a good deal of hours, many cups of coffee/tea, probably a couple tears (I speak from experience) – and if there’s one thing to make it all come together, it’s choosing the right place.

Whether you love absolute silence or can’t stand studying alone, either way there’s a place for you. So answer these 7 questions, keep track of how many times you answer each letter, and find out the best place on campus for you to study for your exams!

What do you think about studying with friends?

  • A) It’s great!
  • B) It’s pretty good.
  • C) It’s okay at times.
  • D) I’m not a fan of it.

What is an ideal energy level for a study space – do you like having a lot of people moving and talking around you?

  • A) High, busy energy that can keep my mind going. I like movement and sound, it keeps my mind going.
  • B) Medium-high energy with some busyness. I like to have a little going on around me.
  • C) Medium-low energy that isn’t too noticeable. I’d rather not be alone, but I find people moving around distracting.
  • D) Low energy that is minimal and unnoticeable. The less movement there is, the better.

What do you think of complete silence when you’re studying?

  • A) I cannot stand it – it’s actually more distracting then people all talking around me.
  • B) I don’t really like it, there has to be some white noise in the background in order for me to focus.
  • C) I don’t mind it, but then a little talking isn’t too bad either.
  • D) I absolutely love it. No noise during study time really lets me stay in my study-zone mentally.

Studying by simply reading over notes is:

  • A) Really not my way of studying.
  • B) A basis for studying, but not a method that fully works for me. I like to start by looking over notes, then have discussions about the topic.
  • C) A pretty good way of studying, so long as it can occasionally be broken up by some conversation and questions.
  • D) An ideal way to study for me!

Studying by quizzing yourself and others, or using flashcards to study is:

  • A) My favorite way to study!
  • B) A pretty good way to study.
  • C) An okay way to study, though I’d rather have it mixed in with other methods.
  • D) Not my way of studying at all.

Would you considered using a Peer Facilitated Study Group (offered by the RGASC) to  help you study?

  • A) Totally, it sounds like a great format for me!
  • B) It’s highly likely that I would, sure!
  • C) Maybe I’d try it out a couple times and see how it goes…
  • D) Probably not, but I would maybe try it once to see what it’s like.

What are you most likely to be distracted by?

  • A) Off-topic conversation.
  • B) Social media or YouTube.
  • C) Other people talking, especially to me.
  • D) Pretty much any noise or movement.


If you mostly answered A): Choose somewhere busy, with a lot of stimulating movement and conversation. You like to study with friends and talk about the material – having constant silence is kind of uncomfortable. Lots of noise and movement can inspire your mind, and allows you to talk if you want to. And, if you need to, putting in headphones and focusing in is possible too, without much chance of being distracted by the others around you. Just remember to stay focused on your topic! Suggested locations: the Gathering Place or the Temporary Food Court in the Davis Building, or any of the common conversational spaces around campus, like IB or CCT.

If you mostly answered B): Choose somewhere with a moderate amount of noise, but not enough that you’ll find yourself annoyed or distracted. Maybe you like studying quietly with a few friends, so you can focus and ask the occasional question, but then maybe you also like studying alone with some white noise in the background. Either way, busy energy is too much be having nothing just feels a bit weird. Be sure to keep your mind from wandering, though – social media isn’t exactly a good way to cement your course knowledge! Suggested locations: the Kaneff Center, the ground floor of the library, or (if you have a few friends to study with) a study room in the library or in IB.

If you mostly answered C): Choose somewhere that is almost or completely silent, but that isn’t totally isolated. Whether you like to put in your headphones, work with a friend, or just get down to it, you like to be without background noise and you don’t like a lot of movement. But, you’d rather not be completely by yourself. Focusing on what you’re doing without having the chance to let others distract you works best in your study time. Remember to stick to it and not to get too stressed – you got this! Suggested locations: the upper floors of the library or of IB, or in Deerfield Hall.

If you answered mostly D): Choose somewhere that is absolutely silent and where there is no one around making noise or moving a lot. You like to have absolutely uninterrupted focus on what you’re looking at, and even the slightest thing can throw you off a bit. Instead, it just has to be you and your notes, where all your mind has to think about is what you’re doing. You keep your head in the game – just remember to take a break every now and then. Suggested places: a personalized study space where you reside, the Silent Study Zones on the first, third, and fourth floors of the library, maybe Deerfield Hall (ideally earlier or later in the day).

Which study location is your personal favourite and why?


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