Sending Virtual Hug…That’s All Folks!

About eight months ago (in August of 2016), I got an email from my freshly activated UTmail account, containing an open position for first year students who wanted to blog. A huge introvert and avid writer, I didn’t hesitate to apply. When I got an interview, I was thrilled. When I got the post, it was amazing. Now, sitting here writing my last blog, I have to say, it’s been a wild ride.

Cheesy as this may be (and believe me, it’s going to get cheesy) I am honestly so happy to have been able to share this experience with everyone – even if I met so few of you face to face. Through unqualified advice, opinion pieces, and reviews, I hope my opinion was a little helpful. And if not, then maybe it was just fun to read. In any case, being able to write this at all has been great.

Even in times when things weren’t so great (ahem, November 9th last year), knowing I could at least offer some help was really great. And, better yet, we managed to survive those bad times – looking back on it all, it might have been much harder without a safe space to escape to. So, I finish off these blogs, I wanted to say a few things to you, my readers.


The first message I have for my readers is this: we did it! Whether it was your first year or your fourth, we all made it through these two terms! We made it through the heavy assignments months of November and March, and through the exam periods of December and (soon) April. We made it through this school year. As it turns out, we got this! Even if you’ve still got years of University to go (like me), we made it through the fall/spring term. And that’s pretty awesome!

The second thing I want to say: thank you all for being a part of my first year! Beyond blogging, just around campus, I met some cool people – I bet all of you did to. And it is those people who really make the experience fantastic. Even if we’ve never talked or met, everyone has been a part of this for everyone else. There’s a sense of community on campus for me, and everyone is part of that.

While I may be very, very happy to personally not have to worry about assignments for four whole months, I’m a little sad that this year is ending. It was my first year, and through it, I gained independence, new friendships, and a sense of what I might want to do with my life. Being a UTM student is a huge part of those steps for me, and perhaps it is for you too. There’s something formative about the university experience, and I am glad to learn that with all of you!

So, I want to wish everyone luck on their upcoming exams – remember not to get too stressed out! And perhaps more importantly, enjoy your summer! Whether you’re working, doing a few summer courses, or just enjoying a nice long break, have fun! And (if this isn’t your last year at UTM), I hope to see everyone back next year-we got this!




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